A scene in small western town


This miniature scene was divided into upper and lower parts and spent me about 9 months to complete. The overall layout has made reference to a Japanese great modeler 諸星昭弘.

In order to show the best western atmosphere, I used a large selection of imported model layout construction products, such as Faller and Vollmer for buildings, Oxford for cars and vans, Preiser for model figures, Woodland for glasses and trees and so on. The lighting system from Cosmic was also included in the scene for street lights, shops, restaurant and apartments. All models in the structures were re-painted and weathering added.

Hope you enjoy it.


作家名 Ericさん
データ スケール:N Gauge 1/160
サイズ:W460mm x D380mm
個展 Ericさんの個展ページ